Fine jewelry for the expectant mom in your life

The arrival of a new baby can turn a family upside down in all the right ways. As the expectant mom and dad in your life prepare as best they can for those late night feedings and adjusted sleep schedules, you might want to consider a unique present to help commemorate this touching occasion.

Unsure of where to begin? For moms-to-be, an exquisite piece of fine jewelry can be a lovely addition to any outfit and create a lasting memento for this remarkable event. With charm bracelets in an indelible 925 sterling silver, you can celebrate the delivery of a new bundle of joy with a personalized symbol. Beads in the shape of bottles or miniature shoes can be ideal if you're uncertain of the baby's gender. For additional elegance, try a bassinet bead featuring 14 karat gold.

While bracelets can be a stunning choice that allow future moms the opportunity to add beads as their child grows, birthstones can be a versatile jewelry selection. From September sapphires to the deep purple hues of a February amethyst, gemstones can be an ultra-trendy yet endearing choice for future moms who may prefer necklaces or earrings to the standard charm bracelet.