Fall in love with ruby engagement rings

July is just heating up, but already the sidewalks are sizzling with all the steamy fashions that the month can bring. If you're shopping for engagement rings with your beloved and want to break away from a diamond or cubic zirconia design, one vivid style can conjure up all the romantic energy the season has to offer – a ruby gemstone.

As the birthstone for those born in July, rubies are a striking testament to the sultry temperatures and red hot ambiance that carries through the summer. Thought to aid in circulation and blood flow according to folklore, you're sure to get her heart pumping faster than ever with the sight of these unmistakably gorgeous precious gemstones.

If the woman in your life was born during the month, this is all the more reason to consider ruby engagement rings. While natural rubies feature flaws and are often more expensive than diamonds of comparable size, lab-created rubies are free of imperfections and affordable enough to meet many price ranges. For a classic engagement ring cut for her ruby, try an octagon emerald set in 925 sterling silver. Colorless cubic zirconias worked into the setting can give her ring a tender touch.