What engagement ring style works best for your hand?

Whether he's talked about getting married or you're just hopeful for the future, browsing for engagement rings can take on a life of its own. As a young girl, you might have envisioned yourself wearing a stunning emerald-cut diamond like your grandmother before you, but now that you're older, perhaps the glimmer of a round cut has captured your fancy. Before committing to a style, consider which ring might work best for your hand shape.

Large hands. Have you always had a love of bold, ostentatious jewelry? Your hands are the perfect match for bigger, more visible engagement rings in an emerald or Marquise shape. If your fingers are long and tapered to match, the sleek lines of an emerald-cut will offer greater dimension and elegance to your form.

Petite hands. If you have a small hand, the sheer size of a 3 karat engagement ring could easily overwhelm. However, your size is ideal for stunning round or heart-shaped rings. For a style that will last throughout the years, consider a round-cut cubic zirconia ring in a micro-pave 925 sterling silver setting.