Explore gemstones through Anne Hathaway’s accessible style

Actress Anne Hathaway may have rose to fame as the lovably geeky protagonist of The Princess Diaries, but the New York-born actress has quickly moved on to more alluring roles. Most recently she stars as the legendary sex symbol Catwoman in the upcoming film, The Dark Knight Rises. When it comes to exquisite fine jewelry, let Hathaway's innate elegance be your guide.

Hathaway's dressed down style offers as much glamour as some of her more notable red carpet appearances. The actress stepped out for a party in New York recently wearing a crocheted knitted mini-dress in black. She showed off a stunning pendant necklace in gold and a slinky bracelet which helped to augment her pixie cut.

This look, which would be an ideal pairing for work attire or a range of social gatherings, helped Hathaway seem accessible but also chic. She displayed a sense of humor, wearing charming flats with a cat's face on the tops which hearkened back to her role as Catwoman.

As you head out to your next bash, consider wearing a pendant necklace in 925 sterling silver and 18 karat gold. A dazzling green amethyst gemstone can be a radiant addition to any kind of ensemble you select.