Get classic gemstone beauty with pearls

Some jewels are only in style for a season, while others never go out of vogue. Creamy and perpetually glamorous, pearls are a chic accent to your summer attire and can transition easily to the most formal events of your social calendar.

Pearls can be cultured or can occur naturally with freshwater or saltwater variations. The latter are especially difficult to find, which only increases their appeal to the lover of exquisite jewelry. Cultured pearls are equally radiant and because they are harvested in controlled environments and can feature a remarkable array of colors.

As a precious gemstone, natural and cultured pearls can be scratched by hard objects, so it's important that you handle them gingerly in order for them to retain their luster. If you practice smart habits, you can prevent them from coming into contact with products that can mar their beauty like cosmetics or hair products.

Want a versatile way to don your pearls without worrying about long-term maintenance? Consider a pair of dangling mother of pearl earrings that you can pair with everything from a fitted cocktail dress to an easygoing combination of jeans and a t-shirt. Set in an enduring silver plating, these stunning earrings will last through the years.