How to clean your precious gemstones

If you have a love for fine jewelry and accessories, you likely know how much maintenance is required in order to keep your precious metals and gems looking flawless. But not all stones are created equal – some require additional polish, while others are more porous and susceptible to damage. If you're uncertain about just what each of your rocks needs, consider a few of these helpful tips to ensure they stay brilliant in their radiance.

Whether you have a diamond engagement ring or a pendant necklace sprinkled with stones in the setting, it's imperative that you know how to remove set in dirt and grime before it takes away from your rock's shine. Many different cleaning options exist, but an easy do-it-yourself option requires only a mix of baking soda and a small amount of water. This will form a paste that you can scrub along your ring with a toothbrush, as you pay special attention to the prongs. recommends using a lint free cloth to dry stones rather than allow them to air dry, and to avoid touching the diamond as much as possible, as this can cause skin oil to build up on it and diminish it's brilliance.

Whenever possible, you should try to bring your stones to a jeweler for a professional cleaning. However, if you need a quick way to lend your soft gemstones an additional luster, you can clean them using a simple combination of soap and water. If you feel like substituting soap for a stronger cleaner, be careful that the clean is non-abrasive, as soft gemstones like emeralds can easily become scratched or lose oil, which can cause the appearance of the stone to change over time.