Want her diamond to look bigger? Consider an illusion setting

A diamond's cut, color, clarity and carat are all incredibly important when shopping for engagement rings. But the area where the 4 C's can really work in your favor is size. If you're shopping with a fixed budget, you may not be able to purchase her the massive carat of her dreams. But with a few of these tips, you can create the illusion of a larger rock on terms both you and your wallet can be at peace with.

Looking to add some extra dazzle to her diamond? Elongated cuts like Marquise or pear-shaped can make a stone appear larger than it actually is due to the way they catch and emit light. She may have her heart set on a different shape for her ring, in which case an illusion setting may be a great compromise.

Halo settings create a border of diamonds around a central stone and often appear in vintage or vintage-inspired bands. A halo setting can certainly enhance an engagement ring's brilliance and shine, and accompanied by a split shank or pave band, a setting of this style can be a great option for magnifying the size of a diamond.

Featuring a thin rim of metal that encircles a central stone, a bezel design is another illusion setting style that can produce the same effect as a halo and can provide a strong mounting. Before you decide on an illusion setting, be sure to discuss maintenance plans with your jeweler. The unique and delicate nature of this style means that rings can be difficult to repair if damaged.