Elevate your costume jewelry from kitsch to chic

Costume jewelry creates a divide in the fashion community. Is it tacky to wear ornate jewelry or can it be a trendy way to capture the mood of your setting? As the Fourth of July festivities near, you may find yourself eager to throw on your finest flag-inspired earrings and ruby pendant necklace. With a few of our tips, you can elevate this look from kitsch to chic for your next event.

When it comes to costume jewelry, the options are limitless. Many costume jewelers try to replicate the look of exquisite gems donned by celebrities on the red carpet. If you love emeralds but can't afford the real thing, costume jewelry may be great alternative. The trick is to pick a gem with a natural shade, set in a solid material. Sterling silver is both affordable and durable, and can frame a lab-created gemstone beautifully.

The material your costume jewelry is made of matters, as does the ensemble you pair it with. You want to avoid looking cluttered with too much jewelry, as this can cause an outfit to quickly fall from grace. To wear a swanky piece of jewelry, consider wearing a no-frills pencil skirt and blouse, or a shirtdress. Garb like this can complement your costume jewels and allow them to be the focal point of everyone's attention.