Charm her with the right bracelet

Some women wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others wear their hearts on their wrists in the form of a charm bracelet. These tender mementos can help their wearers express what they might find hard to put into words otherwise – love of a hobby, or perhaps a love of a tropical locale. Charms can be used to communicate affection in many forms. Whether loud and colorful or understated to the max, charms communicate a constant message of devotion, and are a romantic gift for the lady in your life.

If you're shopping for a charm bracelet for a loved one, consider starting with a chain. A sterling silver bracelet is a durable choice, and will provide a good foundation for the pieces to follow. You want to make sure the chain is larger than your loved one's wrist. Over time, the bracelet will ideally support several different charms, and one that clings too closely to her wrist won't be able to carry more than a few charms at a time.

Charms vary depending on what theme you desire, but typically include sports, love and location symbols. Ultimately, a charm bracelet can be as dear to a woman's heart as a watch may be to your own. Bracelets are an investment that builds over time. Above all, before making a selection you want to be certain that the material you decide on has the tenacity to weather the years.