Getting the right wedding band for him

When you were growing up, you probably thought the hardest part about getting married would be getting some lucky guy to pop the question, but you were wrong. Now that you're engaged to your heart's desire, the toughest part is finding him the perfect wedding band. This task may seem daunting, but with a few of these helpful hints, the ring you slip on his finger will be the one to last a lifetime.

While you may have fantasized about this moment since you were a little girl, it's very likely that your betrothed never gave it a passing thought before you came into his life. You want to be certain that you shop around before settling on a band, and that it fits his size and comfort level.

“The proper way for a ring to fit is to have to work to get it on and off over your knuckle," said jewelry brand representative Wendy S. Peluso to Time Union.

After he's been sized, you can consider which style best suits him. Nowadays, men have more options than just a solid gold band. Rings featuring palladium, sterling silver, tungsten and even titanium are available. Another major trend right now is bands woven with diamonds. If your guy likes a bit of sparkle and doesn't spend the day working with his hands, this may be the ideal choice.