Accessorize for your baby bump

Expectant moms have plenty to be excited about, and we're not just talking about those little bundles of joy from the stork. Women's fashions have evolved over the last decade in fantastic ways and now maternity wear, which women once donned to conceal rather than flaunt their changing figures, can help you show yourself off in your most exquisite light. Get tips on how to include the season's trendiest accessories with your favorite accessory: your growing bump.

The summer heat can make your little package difficult to carry around all day. Embrace a comfortable summer look with a loose-flowing cotton dress or layered floor-length skirt. Solid colors like royal blue or purple can look striking against your form and keep you cool. Try pairing this dress with a bold beaded necklace that will drape over your chest.

When you're showing off your bump, but also seeking symmetry between your attire and your belly, go for an accessory that is bright and larger than normal. This can help to bring people's attention to your neck and face. A finely crafted beaded necklace can also serve as a sentimental reminder of your pregnancy, and would be the ideal kind of heirloom to pass on to future generations.